Days 5-6: So close!

*Unfortunately, my camera was acting up and I couldn’t get shots on day 5, BUT I have photos from day 6, and they’re pretty similar to what we accomplished the day before, so we’re covered. 

Day 5 was very productive. After making the adjustments on day 4, we recut, sewed and assembled the pattern two more times to ensure we were on the right track. The dart realignment worked out splendidly! Now we have that straight stitched look of the original, which is quite sleek and sharp-looking.
project adds0003      project adds0002
However, there was an issue needing to be addressed: an unsightly bubbling affect along the shoulder seam – likely do to a wonky angle or dart issue with the back panels.
Bubbling effect: project adds0010

So, we had to make another big adjustment, leading to the construction of a new bodice…
On the second time around, Suitiful decided he’d had enough of sewing, (especially the darts, which he has told me is tedious and irritating for him) so I did most of the sewing for the remainder of the day. Apparently, now I’m responsible for the darts from here onward. What can I say: some people just have superpowers.

In fact, let’s just take a moment to appreciate how attractive and accurate these darts are…
project adds0007      project adds0008
Day 6 we drafted TWO MORE bodices, making a few additional changes. We managed to fix the shoulder seem, but had to make a few more adjustments to the side darts (this time the armscye and side darts had fabric bubbling over).
Bodice 1. project adds0011 Bodice 2. IMG_8485

With the second bodice, everything looked good, so we took it a step further and attached the skirting. We added a vent (which will have to be much longer in the finished piece).
project adds0005
The waist seam was a bit too low – “a bit” translating to about 3 inches – so the blue mark shows where the seam will be taken up. Once that is moved, the skirting will have to be extended to meet the sleeve cuff.
project adds0004
Know of any good places to find equipment for this project? Let us know in the comments!

             DPP_0006       DPP_0005
*Ignore the bunching behind the belt. This is because of the mannequin’s unusually sloped waistline*

Side note: When we put the finished draft on the bust, I put together a makeshift belt from some scrap faux-suede to get an idea how it would lay. Until then, we hadn’t realized just how small the mannequin’s waist was, so it ended up looking like a jedi training robe.
So, now I have a costume for the next Star Wars movie! We’ve killed two birds with one stone.
DPP_0004      DPP_0003


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